Gwieździste niebo


Plastpro offers a wide range of services related to recycling and preparing for production plastics such as ABSPMMAPCPC/ABS. Treatment processes are selected depending on the expected outcome and the kind of input material – its size, a degree of its contamination. Plastic recycling services that we offer include:


The process of plastics crushing allows obtaining material in pieces of irregular size – crushing is usually the first stage of processing a material obtained from production residues.


Milling plastics in specialised mills allows to obtain a material with fractions from 8 to 45 mm.


Granulation is the most advanced recycling process. We manage a machinery park that allows regranulation of raw material to form small granules – at the same time appropriate equipment scans and separates the required material fraction. The quality of granulate is controlled in accordance with the required standards. The pollutants are eliminated in a way neutral to the natural environment.