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Purchase of raw materials

As part of the company's mission, we buy plastics with various degrees of processing and in various forms. The price of the material depends on the degree of processing, purity and of course on the type of raw material - call to check.


The organisation of recycling production residues is obligatory in these times. Considering the time of decomposition of plastics in the natural environment, it is necessary that all plastics undergo reprocessing – but one that allows their reuse. In addition, the management of your production waste, faulty product batches, etc., brings tangible benefits:

  • the possibility of accurate settlement of the costs of production activities
  • reduction of the cost of reprocessing
  • reduction of storage costs
  • in the case of repeated use of used plastics – direct reduction of purchase costs of used raw materials


Often, there is a need for a one-off reprocessing of a material that is difficult to determine. We also offer help in case of such a reprocessing – in case of proper classification of the material, corresponding to our technological capabilities, we offer competitive purchase prices.


We buy granules, regrinds of the following plastics: ABSPC/ABSPMMAPSPCPA.