Gwieździste niebo


PSPolystyrene is a styrene polymer belonging to polyolefins (polymers containing only carbon and hydrogen). It is a thermoplastic material, rather fragile, with little elasticity and resistance to deformation. It can be coloured in any colour, without any colouring agents it is transparent, semi-transparent or white. It is characterised by low melting point and low viscosity, which allows it to be used in the production of relatively small, but complex shapes. It is an electric insulator resistant to water, alkaline compounds, some acids and salts.

Due to its properties, it is used in the production of "plastic" accessories, toys, household appliances, packaging. It is not used for the production of objects that have contact with food. As a curiosity it is worth remembering that in the process of expanding polystyrene, we get a material that we all know under the name of Styrofoam.