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PMMAPMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate) – popularly called a plexiglass – is a material belonging to the whole group of the so-called thermoplastics. Other materials in this group include  Polystyrene (PS) and Polyamide (PA), which we also have in our offer. A very characteristic feature of these materials is that at the right temperature they behave like a viscous liquid – which allows them to be shaped using injection moulding. After a sudden cooling, the shape becomes fixed, taking on the characteristics of a solid body.

The most common form of plexiglass are various types of sheets.

PMMA is often called plastic glass, which results from its high transparency, up to 92%. It is resistant to UV radiation (does not turn yellow) and chemical substances such as alkalis, salts, inorganic acids – unfortunately it is not well resistant to scratches (slight hardness). The operating temperature reaches 70°C.

The use of PMMA (plexiglass) is all kinds of glazing (e.g. glazed roofs), road screens, housing and lighting elements, advertising materials (coffers, stands, billboards).