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PC -  granulat.jpgPC – polycarbonate – is a transparent plastic (polymer) with very high mechanical strength. Like other materials we have in our offer ( PMMAPSPA ), it is a thermoplastic material, polycarbonate-based products are made by injection and hot extrusion. In short – it is the most transparent, among the hardest – its light transmittance is estimated at around 90%. It is characterised by high impact strength and hardness (it is harder and more resistant to impacts than e.g. glass). It is a material that can come into contact with food without risk - polycarbonate is physiologically inert. When properly processed, polycarbonate is resistant to UV radiation.

The most common use of polycarbonate is: glazing of large surfaces, protective glazing (burglar-proof), housing components, insulators, transparent elements resistant to changes in pressure and impact. Polycarbonate works well where high transparency and resistance to mechanical deformation are required. 

Products made on the basis of polycarbonate are stable in size – they do not change their dimensions under the influence of temperature, they do not absorb water. Polycarbonate can be welded and glued – which is important for the production processes and the final effect (shape) of items that can be obtained on its basis.