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ABSABS (poly (acrylonitrile-co-butadiene-co-styrene)) is an amorphous material which means that being in a solid state, it has molecules distributed in a manner characteristic of liquids. It can occur in the following states: vitreous - viscoelastic - highly elastic - plastic (liquid). 

ABS is a material resistant to scratches, because it is characterised by high hardness and impact strength. It is a material safe for humans, non-toxic and resistant to diluted acids, alkalis, fat and salt. It has very good thermal insulation properties, and at the same time does not deform itself when temperatures change. It does not absorb moisture from the air, unfortunately it is not resistant to UV radiation. 

ABS is most often used for the manufacture of audio/video devices/household appliances, electronic devices, automotive components (such car parts as lattices, wheel arches, some car body parts). You can also find it in toys, it is used for the production of pipes (resistant to various chemically aggressive liquids) and many everyday products.