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The mission of our company is to provide clients with real added value resulting
from the implementation of ecology in their companies and to protect the Earth's
natural environment through the maximum use of recycling technologies.



ABS is an amorphous material which means that being in a solid state, it has molecules distributed in a manner characteristic of liquids. It can occur in the following states: vitreous - viscoelastic - highly elastic - plastic (liquid).


Plastics milling
Milling plastics in specialised mills allows to obtain a material with fractions from 8 to 45 mm.
We offer offers a wide range of services related to recycling and preparing for production plastics such as ABS, PMMA, PC, PC/ABS. Treatment processes are selected depending on the expected outcome and the kind of input material – its size, a degree of its contamination.
Plastics crushing
The process of plastics crushing allows obtaining material in pieces of irregular size – crushing is usually the first stage of processing a material obtained from production residues.
Plastics granulation
Granulation is the most advanced recycling process. We manage a machinery park that allows regranulation of raw material to form small granules – at the same time appropriate equipment scans and separates the required material fraction.

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